Exoticpsychstore.store offers you Full Privacy, Fast Delivery and Discreet Packaging.

Exoticpsychstore.store SHIPPING AND DELIVERY:

All our products are guaranteed for safe, intact delivery. We ship our products via UPS from USA.

All orders are shipped in discreet, plain packaging marked with only a shipping label and return address.  We use the most discreet methods available for shipping and packaging our products. Invoices and Sales Receipts are kept safely inside the package and there is no indication of the contents or value of the package. 

Detailed order tracking will be sent promptly upon shipment on all Exoticpsychstore.store orders. To track your order, please follow the tracking links provided on your shipping confirmation email.

Please note: We ship our available stock once a week . There will be a notice on our checkout page if there is going to be a shipping delay. Feel free to email us at any time to get an update on your order status.

Before submitting your order please carefully review your address information including apartment number, street number, etc. If incorrect address information is submitted, you will be required to pay the cost of re-shipping your order (this will be the original cost of shipment you paid for your original order)

Orders placed will only be processed once confirmation of payment is received. Orders will be shipped in priority sequence. Please see our checkout page for current shipping estimates.

Occasionally our online shipping calculator can be inaccurate, especially if you live in a more remote area. In this case Exoticpsychstore.store reserves the right to request additional shipping cost to the calculated rate if the actual shipping cost is substantially higher. We will notify you by email if this is the case.

If you have questions regarding Exoticpsychstore.store Shipping or Delivery, please contact a Customer Service Representative for assistance.

Exoticpsychstore.store offers you a comprehensive guartantee policy for complete customer satisfaction.

Exoticpsychstore.store GUARANTEE POLICY:

Exoticpsychstore.storeoffers a 100% Product Quality Guarantee. Our products are guaranteed to be 100% viable and free of contaminants. 

We guarantee that all components will be viable and free of contaminants on arrival. Please inspect your components when they arrive, and contact us within 7 days from receiving your order if any components are found to be in less than optimal condition – check for mould, bag breakage and missing components. Please note: the soil and straw bags have lime added so you may see a grey powder in the bag – this is normal. We guarantee replacement of any defective or contaminated components free of charge.

We cannot guarantee against user error, but when all steps are performed properly, the kits will perform as advertised. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully to ensure effective product performance.

If you have any questions regarding our Guarantee Policy, please contact one of our Customer Support Representatives and we will be happy to assist you.